[3dem] fixation of dense core granules for immune-EM

Jiang,Qiu-Xing qxjiang at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 17 05:19:03 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Recently scientists at our facility used a standard fixation/embedding protocol to process insulin-secreting cells in order to preserve the secretory granules (SGs) inside them. Even though most intracellular organelles and structures are pretty well preserved, the preservation of the SG's was very poor and almost all granules were lost, leaving empty space filled with embedding resin. The SG's are known to have very tight membranes, which likely caused the problem. While different protocols are being tested, I am writing to seek some advice from those who might have encountered similar technical issues, and are willing to share their solutions. If so, please email me at qxjiang at ufl.edu. Thanks in advance.


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