[3dem] How to calculate tilt angles in Saxton acquisition scheme?

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Dear all,

I got the suggestion from two other list members that there is a typo, and that “cos(alpha_0)” should read “cos(alpha_n)”. With this change (and some now solved MATLAB-confusion regarding degrees and radians) I now managed to reproduce the tilt scheme given in the FEI-software Xplore3D, which was my objective!

Thank all of you who answered and shed light on the matter, the 3dem-list delivers once again!

If anyone is interested in the code, just let me know.

Best regards

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Ämne: [3dem] How to calculate tilt angles in Saxton acquisition scheme?

Dear all,

I am currently trying to print out all the tilt angles in a tilt series using the Saxton scheme. I find the reference Saxton 1984 unsatisfactory in how to actually calculate the values. Also, in “Electron tomography”, edited by J. Frank p. 143, it says:
“In this [Saxton] scheme, the tilt angle varies as alpha_n+1 = alpha_n + arcsin(sin(alpha_0)*cos(alpha_0)).“

As I interpret this expression, the last term on the right-hand side is a constant, and hence the tilt angles are distributed with an even angular increment throughout the series. This should not be constant!

Please, can anyone shed some light on this? What am I missing here?

Best regards,
Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist

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