[3dem] Which add on/plugin for ET simulations in MATLAB?

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Dear Charlotte,

My Matlab code is all on GitHub.com<http://GitHub.com>, at
The basic functions for IO and other operations are in the aLibs folder, and aLibs/GriddingLib has code for projection and reconstruction.  See Test3DReconstruction.m there for an example that might be useful to you.  Please write if you have questions.

Fred Sigworth

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On Mar 23, 2017, at 10:21 AM, Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist <charlotte.hamngren.blomqvist at chalmers.se<mailto:charlotte.hamngren.blomqvist at chalmers.se>> wrote:

Dear all,

We need to simulate ET data in order to evaluate our experimental data. I think I have seen publications on this done in MATLAB previously, but I cannot find any. Could anyone please say which is the most commonly used add on / plugin for ET simulations with phantoms for MATLAB?

Best wishes,

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