[3dem] UPDATE: Used 2011 Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector for sale

Daniela Nicastro Daniela.Nicastro at UTSouthwestern.edu
Mon Mar 20 18:54:40 PDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry for this update of a previous post, but the following URL-link for purchase of our surplus K2 Summit camera through a competitive bidding process (administered by Shattuck & Associates Auctioneers) was not available until the State Surplus posting finished.

The URL to view and/or bid on the used K2 camera is:

The auction has started and will end 3/31/2017.

Thanks and best wishes, Daniela

P.S.: for those who were wondering why we are selling our K2: we have currently three K2 direct electron detectors at UTSW, but "only" two high-end TEMs (the third TEM with 200+ KeV retired), so one K2 camera has become surplus.

We would like to bring to your attention that the Cryo-EM Facility at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center offers for sale a used 2011 Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector (for detailed specifications, please see below) for the minimum asking price of $250,000 USD.

Following the regulations of the State of Texas, the 2011 Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector was available for viewing and/or State Agency Transfer (with minimum asking price, but without auction fee, Universities might qualify) on the e-Surplus website, and is now available for purchase through a competitive bidding process administered by Shattuck & Associates Auctioneers.
K2 detector specifications are as follows:

*      2011 Gatan K2 summit direct electron detector (camera for transmission electron microscope); serial number: 12062201P1000.

*      Direct electron detector cameras in general and the K2 camera in particular are a major reason for what has been termed "resolution revolution" in cryo-electron microscopy structure determination. For additional information please see:

www.gatan.com/products/tem-imaging-spectroscopy/k2-direct-detection-cameras<http://www.gatan.com/products/tem-imaging-spectroscopy/k2-direct-detection-cameras> (company) and http://journals.iucr.org/m/issues/2016/01/00/hi5639/ (publication).

*      The here offered K2 camera was purchased 2011 by UT Southwestern Medical Center, and was mounted from 11/2012 till 9/2016 on a JEOL2200 at UTSW.

*      The camera sensor was renewed during Gatan factory servicing for re-certification for service contract by Gatan 5/2016; factory and field certification of compliance (incl. DQE), as well confirmation of the sensor-renewal are provided at the link below.

*      The camera was in working condition and under Gatan service contract at the time when it was dismounted from the (then-retiring) JEOL microscope; the K2 camera dismount and packaging (into 2 crates plus boxes for cables and PC) was performed by a Gatan field engineer Sept. 2016. Since then, the packaged camera and components have been stored in our climate-controlled cryo-EM facility at ~20% humidity (waiting for surplus sale approval).

*      The original purchase list price was about $630,000 (original quote from 2011 is provided at the link below, but some information had to be removed for confidentiality).

*      Minimum asking price is $250,000 USD.

*      Images of the dismounted camera, controller and accessory components, as well as the packaging are provided at the e-Surplus and the following link:  www.dropbox.com/sh/g6upys1y8whhskd/AAClb4x9wpLpyec_5zrp4ECEa?dl=0&lst=<http://www.dropbox.com/sh/g6upys1y8whhskd/AAClb4x9wpLpyec_5zrp4ECEa?dl=0&lst=>

*      Not included in the purchase price and buyer's responsibility are:

-          Pick-up or insured shipping from UTSW to buyer;

-          Flange (TEM-specific adaptor between the TEM and camera by Gatan);

-       Camera installation and re-certification for service contract by Gatan (incl. license for digital micrograph); buyers are advised to request respective quotes directly from Gatan customer service at info at gatan.com<mailto:info at gatan.com>.

Thanks and best wishes, Daniela

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