[3dem] Fwd: Electron microscopist position at VIB in Brussels (Rouslan Efremov)

Rouslan Efremov rouslan.efremov at vub.ac.be
Tue Jan 17 13:34:58 PST 2017

Dear colleagues,

VIB Structural Biology Center is seeking an electron microscopist to 
manage  Cryo-EM facility that will serve to a large community of users 
including internal, Belgian and European users.
The cryo-EM facility manager will be responsible for ensuring efficient 
operation of the center: assisting cryo-EM users with sample preparation 
for single particle and tomography experiments, data collection, user 
training and maintaining microscopes in the best conditions.
The facility will include a new generation JEOL cryoARM300 300 kV 
electron microscope equipped with direct electron detector and two JEOL 
JEM1400 120 kV electron microscopes for sample screening and imaging of 
negatively stained samples.
For further enquiries please contact Rouslan 
Efremov(rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be 
<mailto:rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be>).To apply please use online 
applicationform at 
Closing date:February 28^th , 2017.


Dr. Rouslan Efremov

VIB- Center for Structural Biology
Building E, room E5.5
Pleinlaan 2


e-mail:rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be
Tel: ++32 2 629 10 25


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