[3dem] Cryo-EM postdoc position at the University of Minnesota Hormel Institute

Anna Sundborger asundborger at hi.umn.edu
Sun Nov 20 06:30:53 PST 2016

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to join the lab of Anna Sundborger in the Cryo-EM and Molecular Biology Section. The goal of the Sundborger lab is to elucidate how intracellular membrane trafficking and remodeling processes, such as apoptosis and autophagy, are controlled and how dysregulation of these pathways may lead to cancer. The main focus is structure determination of macromolecular complexes using cryo-EM and single particle 3D reconstruction. The new state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility at the Hormel Institute is equipped with a FEI Titan Krios with a direct electron detector. There is also a FEI Sprit Biotwin and an IBM cluster for image processing. The successful candidate will work on a project focused on the proteins involved in oncogenesis. Please contact Zigang Dong (zgdong at hi.umn.edu <mailto:zgdong at hi.umn.edu>) or Anna Sundborger (asundborger at hi.umn.edu <mailto:asundborger at hi.umn.edu>) for more info!

How To Apply: To be considered for this position, please send CV and contact information for 3 references to iburke at hi.umn.edu <mailto:iburke at hi.umn.edu> <mailto:iburke at hi.umn.edu <mailto:iburke at hi.umn.edu>> with subject heading 'Cryo-EM Postdoc'.

Anna Sundborger, PhD
Assistant Professor & Section Leader
Cryo-EM and Molecular Cell Biology
The Hormel Institute
Masonic Cancer Center
University of Minnesota 
801 16th Avenue NE
Austin, MN55912 
asundbor at umn.edu <mailto:asundbor at umn.edu> 
http://www.hi.umn.edu/research/cryo-em-and-molecular-cell-biology/ <http://www.hi.umn.edu/research/cryo-em-and-molecular-cell-biolog>

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