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Morais, Marc C. mcmorais at UTMB.EDU
Thu Nov 10 13:52:06 PST 2016

Post-doctoral position open immediately at UTMB to study the structural biology of neurodegenerative disease

A postdoctoral position in structural biology is available to study the role of protein tau in neurodegenerative diseases at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in Galveston, TX. This NIH-funded position will utilize a combination of cryo-electron microscopy, tomography, X-ray crystallography, SAXS, and biochemistry to investigate the structures of protein tau assemblies and the mechanism of tau-related neuropathies. The successful candidate will report to Dr. Marc Morais and Dr. Rakez Kayed, experts in structural biology and tau-related neurodegenerative diseases, respectively. Experience in either X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy is required.

Structural biology facilities at UTMB are outstanding (https://scsb.utmb.edu/). X-ray crystallography resources<http://www.scsb.utmb.edu/resources/x-ray_cry.asp> include two X-ray area detector systems, a Phoenix crystallization robot, a Minstrel crystal imaging robot, and an Alchemist liquid handling robot. CryoEM resources include a JEOL 2200FS cryo-EM microscope equipped with a DE20 direct electron detector for high-resolution imaging work, a cryo-capable JEOL 2100, an FEI vitrobot, and a BSL-3 room for viral and pathogen work. UTMB is also a member of high resolution cryoEM imaging consortia at the Baylor College of Medicine, and UCLA, which provide access to JEOL 3200 and Titan Krios microscopes, respectively.

Interested parties should send a CV, a brief statement of research interests, and a list of 2-3 references to both Dr. Marc Morais (mcmorais at utmb.edu<mailto:mcmorais at utmb.edu>) and Dr. Rakez Kayed (rakayed at utmb.edu).

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