[3dem] Research Scientist at UCSF to develop affinity grids

David A. Agard agard at msg.ucsf.edu
Thu Nov 10 11:46:51 PST 2016

A research scientist position at UCSF is available immediately to focus on developing improved affinity grids for cryoEM. 
Taking full advantage of the recent radical improvements in cryoEM requires complementary significant improvements in sample preparation technologies. The UCSF cryoEM consortium co-led by David Agard, Yifan Cheng and Adam Frost is committed to advancing multiple facets of cryoEM and are seeking a research scientist to focus on developing robust and versatile affinity grid and associated sample preparation technologies. As desired, the candidate can also use this technology to solve novel structures of significant biomedical importance. The ideal candidate will have experience in protein biochemistry and/or material science as well as cryoEM and have a PhD or equivalent degree. Equally important, will be the ability to interact and collaborate successfully with UCSF cryoEM scientists.
UCSF is an equal opportunity employer and women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
Interested parties should send a CV and 3 letters of reference to David Agard at agard at msg.ucsf <mailto:agard at msg.ucsf>.edu

David A. Agard, Ph.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
University of California at San Francisco
UCSF  MC 2240
600 16th Street,   room S412D
San Francisco, CA     94143-2517
(415) 476-2521  Phone    E-mail:    agard at msg.ucsf.edu
(415) 476-1902  FAX    Web:    http://www.msg.ucsf.edu/agard

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