[3dem] growing mammalian cells on TEM grids, 3D print solution

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Hello Giovanna,

Please send me the .stl files!  What a great solution!

Thank you,


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Hello 3dem members,
I have had trouble with bending grids when I try to grow mammalian cells on them.  To combat this problem, I made some grid holders with our 3D printer. A full description can be found here

Holders for growing mammalian cells on grids for electron microscopy | NCI Technology Transfer Center | TTC<https://techtransfer.cancer.gov/availabletechnologies/e-243-2016>
The technology is a tool used to hold transmission electron microscopy grids to grow adherent mammalian cells on and the 3D printing software to create the holder. The TEM cell grid holder solves the difficulty of lifting the TEM grid out of a plate without bending or damaging the grid. Researchers at the NCI seek licensing for the transmission electron microscopy grid holder.

and some images are attached.  The good thing about them is that they work very well and make it easier to pick up grids without bending them, the downside is that since the grids are raised above the glass to allow tweezers to slide under them, it is more difficult to get good high-resolution fluorescent images.  The smaller ones were designed for glass-bottomed Mattek dishes with 20mm glass diameter

35 mm Dish - MatTek Corporation<https://www.mattek.com/store/p35g-1-0-20-c-case/>
35 mm Dish, No. 1.0 Coverslip, 20 mm Glass Diameter, Uncoated MatTek glass bottom dishes combine the convenience of standard size 35 mm and 50 mm disposabl

and the larger one fits in either a Mattek 35mm dish or a 6 well plate.

If anyone is interested in trying these, I would be happy to send the .stl files so you can 3D print your own with your choice of material.  I can also send a printed out version of either one in PLA.  Alternatively, I can send the Blender files if anyone would like to make any adjustments to these.
Giovanna Grandinetti

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