[3dem] Imaging specialist position at Warwick University, UK - Closing date 13th March

Smith, Corinne Corinne.Smith at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 10:27:08 PST 2016

Dear All,

Platform Manager - Advanced Bioimaging RTP -  £38,896 - £46,414 pa

We are searching for a talented scientist to lead the Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform at Warwick University, UK. This new facility will specialise in cryo-electron microscopy for structural biology, dynamic 3D imaging using light sheet microscopy and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). This is a great opportunity to apply cutting edge imaging technologies to complex biological problems, develop new technological capabilities and interact with leading research groups. Further details are given below:

Your primary responsibility is to manage the Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform, which supports the investigation of complex biological problems by researchers at Warwick and externally, through application of cutting edge imaging technologies. Current projects from researchers in School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School include structure determination of large molecular machines, microtubules and associated proteins through to microtubule dynamics and live 3D imaging of developing model organisms. The technology platform specialises in advanced light and electron microscopy with a focus on: cryo-electron microscopy for structural biology, dynamic 3D imaging using light sheet microscopy and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). The facility is equipped with a Jeol 2200FS 200kV FEG transmission cryo- electron microscope with in-column energy filter and Gatan K2 Summit director electron detector, Jeol 2011 LaB6 200 kV transmission cryo- electron microscope and ASI dual inverted selective plane illumination microscope (diSPIM). This instrumentation sits within a purpose-built imaging laboratory including fully-equipped sample preparation areas.

You will have a PhD or equivalent experience in electron microscopy and/or light microscopy and be enthusiastic in using and developing advanced imaging technology. As platform manager, you will play a key role in the future development of the Advanced Bioimaging Reseach Technology Platform (RTP), which is set to expand in the next few years. Our active research programme requires the ability to manage your own time effectively and communicate well with internal and external research groups. You will report to Dr Corinne Smith, Director of the Advanced Bioimaging RTP. Responsibilities include training users in advanced microscopy techniques, image processing and data reduction, maintaining microscopes and interfacing with suppliers, advising and assisting with user experiments, managing user access and promoting the reputation of the facility through outreach and engagement with the UK facility manager community.

Informal enquiries to Dr Corinne Smith (corinne.smith at warwick.ac.uk<mailto:corinne.smith at warwick.ac.uk>) or Dr Steve Royle (S.j.royle at warwick.ac.uk<mailto:S.j.royle at warwick.ac.uk>) are welcomed.

For further details and to apply online please visit our website below.


Ref: 76789-026

Minicom users: 024 7615 0554

Closing date: 13 March 2016

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