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Dear Irina,
SREP is a solid journal and (when I am not am writing vulgar emails to the 3dem mailing list on Sundays!) I am working hard to improve it in the structural microbiology area. For instance, I just had the honour of editing a lovely paper by Steven Matthews’ lab on curli for it and I do hope many more like that will come. So, watch this IF space and do, please, leave your paper with us, asking for me specifically as editor, if you so wish. The problem right now is that we have so many submissions, the initial checking phase is a bit slow (ie, they really need to hire more staff there asap!!). I submitted a paper of mine to SREP in the autunm and that phase was far to slow for me too but once it went off for review it was fast and constructive and we are preparing to resubmit it now.
In summary SREP is a IF 5-6 and improving journal that will publish with little fuss and the NPG services authors are right to expect any paper we feel is sound and useful to a field. So, very much my type of journal! ;)
I hope that answers your queries.

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> On 4 Feb 2016, at 20:06, Irina Gutsche <irina.gutsche at ibs.fr> wrote:
> Dear Ariel,
> you cannot remember me, I am Irina Gutsche, an electron microscopist from IBS Grenoble where you gave a seminar a couple of years ago. I am sorry to bother you but after the discussion in 3dem about Scienfific Reports I am getting anxious and I would really need an advice from somebody who knows this journal.
> In fact, we did a very solid work that included 3 cryoEM structures between 5.5 and 6.2 A resolution. I actually wrote that paper for eLife as an "advances" for our previous work published there in 2014. However, this time it was rejected because the data was not collected on a direct detector but on film and they suggested us to recollect everything (which we actually found very unfair because such a resolution for film is quite good, and we didn't have acces to a direct detector at the time of the data collection). So I was wondering what to do with this paper because my postdoc who is the first author is finishing her contract at the end of February, she needs to publish rapidly and we don't want to shoot too low. Some colleagues suggested me SciRep which I didn't know before. I looked through it, found a couple of nice EM papers, and thought that it was not a bad choice. Thus, last Friday I submitted the paper to SciRep, and two days after the submission Ed Egelman, you and Maren started that discussion in 3dem from which I got an impression that this journal is not seen well by the community. Since a week, my paper is still in "Quality Check Started" status, nothing happens, and I'm wondering if I should retract it and try to submit elsewhere.
> Would you mind telling me honestly what you think about this journal?
> Thank you very much in advance for your answer and excuse me again for this "non scientific" question,
> Irina Gutsche
> Methods and Electron Microscopy group
> IBS Grenoble
> France

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