[3dem] Research Scientist AP job in CryoEM Krios/K2 at ASU

John Spence spence at asu.edu
Thu Nov 26 09:33:10 PST 2015

A position in CSSS at Arizona State University near Pheonix will soon be advertised on the ASU web site
for a PhD level  Research Scientist to manage our Krios/K2 system (and undertake research) arriving
in summer 2016.
Contact spence at asu.edu<mailto:spence at asu.edu> if interested.

John C.H. Spence  FRS,  ASU/LBNL, Richard Snell Prof of Physics,
Director of Science, NSF  BioXFEL  Science and Technology Center
Journal Issue on BioXFEL: http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/biology-free-electron-x-ray-lasers
High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
by John C. H. Spence, OUP.  4th Edition 2013

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