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I overlapped with Steve at EMBL in the late 80s¹ till mid 90s¹.  He was
instrumental in building up the Structural Biology Program there. To the
postdocs and students in the Program, Steve was always very generous and


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>This is very sad news indeed. Stephen was always stimulating company and
>very generous with his compliments where they were due.
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>On 1 Sep 2014, at 11:07, John Briggs <briggs at embl.de> wrote:
>> We are sad to inform the community that Stephen Fuller died last week.
>>Stephen was a key figure in the development and early application of
>>cryo-em and computational image processing methods, especially to
>>understand viruses. He worked at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge before
>>spending almost 20 years at the EMBL in Heidelberg, where he headed the
>>Structural Biology and Biocomputing Programme along with Dietrich Suck.
>>Subsequently he became Professor of Macromolecular Structure and
>>Assembly at Oxford University before his career was cut short by
>>illness. His work on Semliki Forest Virus represented a major advance in
>>the development and use of icosahedral reconstruction methods to
>>determine virus protein structure from cryo-EM images. Among his other
>>major contributions are a series of important papers on retroviral
>>structure and assembly, an early study of centriole structure, and a
>>tomography study of the immune synapse. A few examples of his papers are
>>noted below. He was awarded the Ruska prize in 2000, gave the Ernst Abbe
>>lecture in 2002, and was elected an EMBO member in 2008.
>> In addition to his research contributions, Stephen¹s enormous
>>enthusiasm for training and helping people to use cellular and molecular
>>electron microscopy have made a major contribution to the development of
>>the whole field of structural biology. He was a major driving force for
>>the long and successful programme of EMBO courses on cryo EM which have
>>trained many of the people in the field, and spawned similar courses
>>worldwide, greatly helping in the development of the subject. He was
>>instrumental in developing the EMDB, and in setting up support for
>>visitors to do cryo EM work at EMBL. He was an unmissable figure at
>>conferences, free (and direct!) with his ideas. Stephen's colleagues and
>>friends knew him as an inspiring mentor and an extraordinarily kind and
>>generous person.
>> John Briggs, Sarah Butcher and Helen Saibil
>> A few examples of his papers:
>> - Image-reconstruction reveals the complex molecular-organisation of
>>adenovirus. Stewart et al., Cell 1991
>> - The core of the mammalian centriole contains gamma-tubulin. Fuller et
>>al., Curr. Biol. 1995
>> - Low pH induces swivelling of the glycoprotein heterodimers in the
>>Semliki-forest-virus spike complex. Fuller et al., Cell 1995
>> - Cryo-electron microscopy reveals ordered domains in the immature
>>HIV-1 particle. Fuller et al., Curr. Biol. 1997
>> - Cryo-electron microscopy reveals the functional organization of an
>>enveloped virus, Semliki Forest virus. Mancini et al., Mol. Cell 2000
>> - Structural organization of authentic, mature HIV-1 virions and cores.
>>Briggs et al., EMBO J. 2003
>> - Centrosome polarization delivers secretory granules to the
>>immunological synapse. Stinchcombe et al., Nature 2006
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>> Dr. John Briggs
>> European Molecular Biology Laboratory
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>> 69117 Heidelberg
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