[3dem] Loosing tilt angle information by dm4Tomrc conversion

Steven Ludtke sludtke at bcm.edu
Fri Nov 14 12:50:02 PST 2014

I should add that if there is something you'd like to see automatically converted in the header which isn't currently (in EMAN2.1), please just let us know. Alterations like this really take only a matter of minutes, and can save others a lot of time, but only if we're aware of them!

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> On Nov 14, 2014, at 9:59 AM, John Heumann <John.Heumann at colorado.edu> wrote:
>> I am looking for a decent way to manipulate the header information in 
>> MRC files...
> Hi Christian,
> IMOD program altherheader allows you to interactively set many of the 
> header  fields.
> Automatic conversion is clearly more convenient though, so try Steve's 
> suggestion first.
> Regards,
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