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Lubomir Kovacik Lubomir.Kovacik at lf1.cuni.cz
Tue May 20 22:58:35 PDT 2014

Dear dr. Zuber,

we sent a cryoholder to US a couple of years ago for repair. As in your 
case, the delivery companies did not help us at all. At the end I talked 
to the customs and it turned out that items falling under the 
harmonization code 9012.90.1000 (parts and accessories of electron 
microscopes other than optical microscopes) weren't subject to tax at 
all. So we sent the holder with Fedex insured at 49000,- USD (no company 
wanted to insure at a higher price). At the end we paid some extra money 
for the insurance, and I don't remember if we had to pay the tax for the 
price of repair issued on the invoice because this went through our 
administration but I guess we did.

As Stefan suggests, it should also be enough to mark the holder for repair.

I hope it helps.


On 20.5.2014 17:37, benoit.zuber at ana.unibe.ch wrote:
> Dear list members,
> A slightly off topic question: has anyone experience with shipping expensive products for repair to the US and having transport insured against loss and damage?
> We need to send a cryoholder to the US for repair. We are of course ready to pay for an insurance but my concern is that if we declare the value of the holder, an invoice for several 1000s dollars taxes might be issued by US customs on the way out, and same by Swiss customs when the holder is sent back to us after repair.  So far I could not get clear answers from courrier companies.
> Thank you in advance
> Benoit
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