[3dem] Seeking Feedback on the Requirements for Users to Fulfiled to be trained to do Cryo-TEM

YY YY rongchigram79 at yahoo.com.sg
Tue Aug 12 10:18:19 PDT 2014

Dear All: A very good day to you! I would like to gather some feedback to understand what are the requirements implemented for users who are interested to do cryo-TEM. For example, are they suppose to do some staining on their samples to do some pre-screening process before they decide that their sample are suitable for cryo-tem? Or as long as they have clock a certain number of TEM usage experience, they can be trained to do-cryo TEM?

At the moment, my lab is deciding to implement at least a 30 hours of usage on TEM to gather a certain level of experience such as basic alignment e.g objective astigmatism correction, as well as image taking. Thereafter, they need to do a practical test. If they passed the test, they can be trained to do cryo-tem. However, i am not sure if this would be reasonable such as if 30 hours will be too long as usage will incur some charges as well as time.

All feedbacks are welcome!

Best Regards,
Yee Yan, Tay
Nanyang Technological University

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