[3dem] second hand turbo pumped carbon coater?

Rouslan Efremov rouslan.efremov at vub.ac.be
Thu Oct 3 08:01:29 PDT 2013

Dear All,

I am looking to acquire a second hand turbo pumped  carbon coater that 
allows making thin carbon films used for single particle sample 
preparation in transmission EM. If you are interested in selling an old 
or unused instrument or instrument that need to be repaired would you 
contact me please?

Thank you in advance,

Rouslan Efremov


Dr. Rouslan Efremov
Expert Scientist
VIB-Departement of Structural Biology
Building E
Pleinlaan 2

e-mail: rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be
Tel: ++32 262 91 99 6



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