[3dem] Reminder of the CTF Estimation Challenge

Jose Maria Carazo carazo at cnb.csic.es
Mon Jul 15 22:47:43 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

This email was sent to the participants of the past 3DEM GRC but I forgot
to circulate it in the 3dem list.. but here it is

With best wishes..JM

-- Dear Colleague,



As we have all heard these days, accurate CTF estimation is critical for
high resolution structure determination.  While we have everything still
fresh in our heads, we want to remind you of the on-going CTF Estimation
Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to assess the extent of
accuracy of this determination with different specimens, imaging
conditions, software and user experience. We have compiled 9 sets of images
contributed from 6 research groups. We expect that there are different
challenges among these data.

We encourage participants at all levels of experience in the field, and for
that we have extended the deadline to August 31st. We will share the
results openly without disclosing the names of the participants.

Please access the Challenge web site at:

[image: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif]

Further information can be found at:




Looking forward your contribution

With best wishes... Jose-Maria Carazo, Roberto Marabini and Wah Chiu
Jose Maria Carazo
Cell: +34639197980
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