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Michael Radermacher Michael.Radermacher at uvm.edu
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Hi Ed,

Do you have the complete evaluation? In the 2011 Conference the  
presence at the talks was severely undercounted and I do not know if  
this has been updated in the data that you have. For example, on  
Wednesday they counted
70% attendance when 98% of the evaluations were returned, which  
reflects the true attendance. I asked GRC at the time to correct this  
in the evaluations, but do not know if they actually included these  
corrections in the data they sent to you. I just wanted to make sure  
that you are comparing up-to-date figures. As you know, attendance is  
a major factor in the conference evaluations.

Otherwise, it is great to hear that the conference had this great  
success. Congratulations.


Quoting Edward Egelman <egelman at virginia.edu>:

> The Gordon Research Conferences just returned the analysis for the  
> 2013 meeting, and I think that a clear trend is emerging! Based upon  
> the evaluations of the attendees, the 2013 3DEM meeting was ranked  
> in the top 10% of all GRCs. The meeting was ranked Above Average in  
> all evaluation areas (scientific content, discussion, etc.) by 90%  
> of the attendees at the 2013 meeting. The attached PDF shows the  
> percentage of attendees at previous meetings who gave a ranking of  
> Above Average in all areas, and I think that this trend reflects the  
> field itself, and not the particulars of each individual meeting.  
> The future looks promising.
> Regards,
> Ed
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