[3dem] Remove negative density from a map

Steven Ludtke sludtke at bcm.edu
Mon Apr 29 04:48:13 PDT 2013

Just to round off the many replies, in EMAN2:

e2proc3d.py input.mrc output.mrc --process=threshold.clampminmax:minval=0:maxval=<something big>

(replace <something big> with a number largest than the biggest value in your map)

On Apr 29, 2013, at 3:49 AM, "m.maletta at nki.nl" <m.maletta at nki.nl> wrote:

> Dear all
> Does anybody know how to remove negative density (set to zero) from a mrc map?
> I subtracted two structures to highlight a factor and the negative peaks are making my life miserable.
> Best
> Max
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