[3dem] Workshop "Computational challenges in Structural Biology" Strasbourg November 14 & 15 2012

Bruno KLAHOLZ klaholz at igbmc.fr
Wed Oct 31 12:43:53 PDT 2012

Workshop "Computational challenges in Structural Biology" Strasbourg November 14 & 15 2012.
See web site : http://ccsb2012.loria.fr/

This mail is to announce the forthcoming workshop "Computational challenges in Structural Biology" which will be held in Strasbourg November 14 & 15 2012.The main aim of this workshop is to highlight current computational challenges in cryo-electron microscopy and to brain-storm possible solutions. Cryo-electron microscopy is becoming an increasingly powerful technique for solving the structures of large biomolecules. However, in order to reconstruct the 3D structures or large molecular machines with atomic resolution, it is necessary to process many thousands or even millions of 2D micrographs and to use advanced 3D modeling techniques. This workshop brings together experimental and molecular modeling experts in the above fields in order to identify current bottlenecks and to explore possible solutions using high performance computing and integrative modeling techniques.
Registration Information

Registration for this workshop is free, but the number of participants is limited. If you are interested please register through the web site. We still have some places available.

Thank you for your interest in the workshop
The organizers.
David Ritchie, Annick Dejaegere, Patrick Schultz.

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