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Mon May 14 13:40:41 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues, 

A postdoctoral position is available in the Al-Bassam Laboratory at UC-Davis, studying the structural basis of tubulin assembly and disassembly regulators into dynamic microtubules.  Our laboratory focuses on combining Structural biology and Single molecule biophysics approaches to study mechanisms of tubulin and microtubule regulators, including:  single particle cryo-EM, x-ray crystallography and single molecule total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy.  For information regarding ongoing projects, please visit our lab website: http://microtubule.mcb.ucdavis.edu
Our laboratory is equipped with a state of the art protein expression and purification setups, crystallization and crystal imaging robots.  Our laboratory has full access to a state of the art, newly renovated, electron microscopy facility, that includes an aberration corrected JEOL 2100F (200 kV), a cryo-capable JEOL 2100F (200 kV), and a JEOL 1230 (120kV) as well as ancillary equipment for specimen preparation and transfer.  For a detailed description of the facility, see website:  http://www.mcb.ucdavis.edu/cryoem/

Candidates should hold a PhD in biophysics, biochemistry or a related field. Candidates with experience in biochemistry, three-dimensional electron microscopy or x-ray crystallography are preferred, but outstanding candidates with expertise in other disciplines will also be considered.

Interested candidates should send a CV and names of references to Jawdat Al-Bassam: jawdat at mcb.ucdavis.edu

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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