[3dem] LN2 boiling problem of Vitrobot

Jingchuan Sun jingchuan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 06:57:45 PDT 2011

Our vitrobot is several years old. A strange thing happen more and more
often, half of the time now. After the dewar lifting, open the small window
to add sample, during waiting period before blotting, the liquid nitrogen
(LN2) start to boiling. There is very little LN2 left then.

Anyone met such problem? What's the cause of boiling? Sometime ago I think
it's because my hand touch the wall, cause vibration or transmit heat from
my hand. Now I'm very careful not to touch any part of the vitrbot when I
pipet sample through the small hole to the grid, but the boiling happen more
and more often, both to me and another coworker.

The parameter I use: 11 degree, 70% humility (often reach >80% and donot
lower), -1mm offset, 5 seconds blotting. I use lacey grid with continue
carbon, adding 2.8 ul sample.

Thanks for your attention!
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