[3dem] UVM Practical Course on 3D Cryo EM of Single Particles

Michael Radermacher mraderma at uvm.edu
Sun Apr 10 17:00:58 PDT 2011

We are extending the application deadline for the UVM Practical Course  
to Friday, April 29th, since the publication of the schedule for this  
year?s UVM Practical Course was delayed because we are also preparing  
the 3D EM Gordon Conference and a symposium at the M&M 2011 meeting.

Copy of the announcement:

                      5th UVM Practical Course
on Three-dimensional Cryo Electron Microscopy of Single Particles
                         July 24-31 2011,
                 University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

This international course will teach the principles of  
three-dimensional reconstruction of single particles from cryo  
electron micrographs. The course will include in-depth teaching of the  
basic theoretical principles of single particle analysis, discussions  
and demonstrations of experimental procedures, and six hours per day  
of hands-on processing of data sets from electron micrographs of  
single particles. Participants will work in groups of two. Each group  
will have one instructor, who will provide step-by-step guidance  
through the complete three-dimensional reconstruction process and  
offer additional explanations and support. The course aims to provide  
participants with a strong practical and theoretical background that  
will enable them later to use these techniques in their home laboratory.

Application deadline: April 29th
(late applications may be accepted if space is available)
For details please visit:
Michael Radermacher, PhD
Teresa Ruiz, PhD
University of Vermont
College of Medicine
Dept. Mol. Physiol. and Biophysics
149 Beaumont Ave
Burlington, VT 05405

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