[3dem] Cryo-EM size limit

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Hi, Reza,
It should be no problem to get an intermediate resolution reconstruction on
protein that is less than 100kDa by single-particle cryo-EM, even by
cryo-electron tomography. An example is that the 56kDa protein (2 copies of
apoA-I, each is 28kDa) in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) can be clearly
visualized by electron cryo-tomography, even using non-FEG microscope. For
details, see Fig 5 in following paper
It is really depended on how you handle your sample preparation, cryo-EM
operation and 3D reconstruction procedure. 

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	I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on what the smallest  
macromolecular sample (in size or mass) could be for successful  
single particle cryo-EM and image reconstruction?  I'm hoping for a  
resolution better than 15Å.  This would be without the use of phase  
plate technology.


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