[3dem] FW: Questions For FEI LaB6 scopes users..

Dorit Hanein dorit at burnham.org
Mon Mar 8 12:36:24 PST 2010


Dear All,
I have several questions for LaB6 microscopes users:
At Burnham we have been having problems with the scope ( FEI T12) when changing the filaments. We have worked with Kimball, Denka and Applied Physics.
In some cases we see dark current. Other times we get a very low emission for the beginning and sometimes the filament last only few days.
We go over 4 or 5 filaments before we find one that works fine.

-Have anybody had similar problems?
-is anybody following a particular procedure to avoid this?
-Could somebody give the values they get for a new filament: Emission, Saturation point, and life time ( hours)

-Is anybody lowering the heat of the filament when inserting holders? We have been told that may increase the life time of the filament.

-Lat week our beam was flickering and the illumination was fluctuating without changing anything in the scope. Anybody experienced anything like that?

Thanks to all.


Wendy Ochoa
Supervisor of Electron Microscopy Facilities
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
10901 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037
858-646-3100 x4334
wochoa at burnham.org<mailto:wochoa at burnham.org>

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