[3dem] The Fourth Brazil School For Single Particle Cryo-EM (OPEN FOR REGISTRATION)

Marin van Heel m.vanheel at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Mar 6 09:32:06 PST 2010


(8 - 19 September 2010)  --  Now open for registration  --

Our single-particle school is an intensive hands-on course/workshop, in 
which theory and practice are tightly intertwined. The spectrum of 
topics covered suits attendees who are entirely new to the field as well 
as those for whom the technique is of growing importance and who wish to 
acquire an in-depth understanding of the field. Topics range from data 
collection, alignment, MSA classification, and three-dimensional 
reconstruction techniques, to the interpretation of fitted X-ray 
structures into cryo electron microscopy maps.

This school will take place just prior to the "International Microscopy 
Congress 17 (IMC17) to be held in Rio de Janeiro (www.imc17.com).

The final days of the conference will be devoted to more advanced topics 
such as high-resolution refinement and dealing with heterogeneous data 
sets ("4D" cryo electron microscopy)

Special lectures on these subjects will be presented by Prof. Niko 
Grigorieff from Brandeis University and by Prof. Wah Chiu from the 
Baylor College of Medicine.

Attendees are expected to bring along an up-to-date notebook computer 
onto which all necessary software will be installed. Appropriate data 
sets will be made available. See the school website for details 

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