[3dem] Ubuntu 9.10 on Intel X58 Express bother board mounted with i7 Processors

Fang Zhao fang.zhao at helsinki.fi
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Dear Anindito:


The Intel X58 with i7 simply tells the north bridge chipset used on the
motherboard. It does not specify anything about your network interface card
or most often on-board network controller nowadays. 

It is up to the motherboard manufacturer to implement a NIC-chip on their

 Frequently used are those on-board Gigabit LAN controller from Marvell,
RealTek, Atheros. You have to identify what is used on your motherboard and
go to either motherboard or Lan controller manufacturer's web, some of them
provide Linux driver, or go to Ubuntu forum to find information. 




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Dear All


We are setting up a computer for image processing (with packages like EMAN,
BSOFT, SPIDER etc) with Intel X58 Express bother board mounted with i7
Processors and the OS we loaded is Ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit). 


It seems that the OS is missing the drivers for networking. To best of my
knowledge previous Ubuntu versions had these things in there. 


Have any one came across similar problems. Please share your experience in
this regard and possible remedy if known. 




Dr. Anindito Sen (Ph.D)


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