[3dem] M&M2010 in Portland, Oregon: Abstract Deadline Feb 15 2010

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Wed Jan 13 23:01:23 PST 2010

From: Teresa Ruiz <truiz at uvm.edu>
Date: January 13, 2010 7:37:34 PM PST
Subject: M&M2010 in Portland, Oregon: Abstract Deadline Feb 15 2010

Dear all,
We would like to make you aware of our symposia at the M&M 2010
meeting, to be held in Portland on August 1-5 2010, and encourage you
to send an abstract and join us.

A17 3DEM: A Real Bridge between Light and X-rays
Teresa Ruiz, Esther Bullitt, Georgios Skiniotis, Ilke Arslan and
Christian Kuebel

The invited speakers: I. Schmidt-Krey, G. Sosinsky, S. Subramaniam, R.
Reichelt / L. Kovacik, D. Kelly, D. Nicastro and A. Hitchcock, will
present advances of technical, materials and biological nature
covering: correlative microscopy (LM/EM, AFM/EM, X-ray/EM, AP/EM),
electron tomography, 3D correlative averaging of tomographic data, 3D
image reconstruction methods.

B07 3DEM: Cellular, Bacterial and Viral surfaces: What Is Out There?
Teresa Ruiz, Esther Bullitt and Georgios Skiniotis

The invited speakers: D. Hanein, J. Hinshaw, J. Li, C. Mannella, P.
Stewart and F. Sigworth, will cover structural aspects of molecules
and macromolecular assemblies involved in cell/cell and cell/virus
interactions, and the communication of cells and viruses with the

We have designed each of the day-long symposia to have 6-7 long talks
(invited) and 7-8 short talks (selected from abstracts). We encourage
you to send an abstract to join us and participate in this interesting
symposium. The deadline for abstract submission is coming soon:
February 15th. Please make sure to tell us if you would prefer a
poster or if you would also be willing to give a presentation if your
abstract is selected.

Get those abstracts ready before is too late!
See you in Portland this summer

Esther, Yiorgo and Teresa

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