[3dem] energy filters on FEI TF-20 (cryo)?

"Jürgen M. Plitzko" plitzko at biochem.mpg.de
Thu Apr 1 07:06:34 PDT 2010

Dear Chuck,
Takashi is right. There is no objection to use a GIF with a 200kV  
Tecnai. 300kV are only used for thicker samples in a range up to 500nm  
(depending on how crowded the cells are even less than that).
If you buy it via Gatan you can have a standalone version (separate PC  
running Digital Micrograph and Filter Control communicating via a com- 
link with the microscope PC). If you decide to have it fully embedded  
in the Tecnai User Interface and running on only one PC, than you need  
to buy this embedding from FEI additionally, or buy the whole setup  
from FEI directly (in principle they have to upgrade your Tecnai  
customer dongle with the proper licences, which will activate the  

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On Apr 1, 2010, at 3:28 PM, Charles Sindelar wrote:

Hi all,
I am wondering whether anyone here has installed an energy filter  
(i.e. Gatan GIF) on a 200KV FEI F20.

My suspicion is that it should be straightforward, and significantly  
improve performance with tomography (in the zero-loss mode).

It would nice to have confirmation of this, however.  Does anyone have  
direct experience?  Or is it that 300kV instruments are universally  
used in cryo applications with the GIF?

Thanks for your help!

Chuck Sindelar
Brandeis University
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