[3dem] energy filters on FEI TF-20 (cryo)?

Ishikawa Takashi ishikawa at mol.biol.ethz.ch
Thu Apr 1 06:43:31 PDT 2010

Dear Chuck,

Yes. We are using a GIF with our TF20. It improves the image quality and is indispensable for our tomography of flagella/cilia (~300nm thickness). The installation was straightforward. But we bought a TF20 and a GIF at the same time. If you are planning to add a GIF later, it would be better to ask FEI if any rearrangement is needed.

Best regards,

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Hi all,
I am wondering whether anyone here has installed an energy filter  
(i.e. Gatan GIF) on a 200KV FEI F20.

My suspicion is that it should be straightforward, and significantly  
improve performance with tomography (in the zero-loss mode).

It would nice to have confirmation of this, however.  Does anyone have  
direct experience?  Or is it that 300kV instruments are universally  
used in cryo applications with the GIF?

Thanks for your help!

Chuck Sindelar
Brandeis University
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