[3dem] compustage run-on with Tecnai 20

frankbooy at f2s.com frankbooy at f2s.com
Fri Oct 30 09:12:03 PDT 2009

We have version 3.2.1 Software on an 18 month old T20 with joystick stage
control and are experiencing some unusual behaviour, particularly apparent
at Low Magnifications.
The specimen movement runs on for several seconds (= several grid
squares),after one has let go of the joystick when one is trying to centre
an area of interest. This is not a function of movement stepsize or
deadzone setup of joystick. The problem is well demonstrated if the
joystick is moved in a circular movement in LM. The problem is not so
evident at high magnifications.
We have replaced our computer and loaded the most recent version of
software, replaced the compustage control board and tried a track ball with
no difference.
We are obviously working together with FEI service but does anyone have any
suggestions or seen similar behaviour?

JM Mantell
bijmm at bristol.ac.uk

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