[3dem] question

Qiu-Xing Jiang qiu-xing.jiang at UTsouthwestern.edu
Wed Oct 21 13:04:17 PDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

We recently found that the goniometer of our JEOL2200FS FEG has 
information loss at the direction normal to the tilt axis when the 
holder, eitehr RT or cryo, is tilted to ~25 degrees or higher. At 60 
degrees the effect is quite severe, while at 0 degree it appears fine. 
We are not seeing obvious vibration or drift at the affected direction 
using a standard graphite grid. Our engineer is trying different ways to 
trace it with limited success. I wonder if some of you ever encountered 
similar problems and were able to eliminate them.  Thanks in advance for 
sharing your experience and offering advice.


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