[3dem] Job opening in the Ludtke Lab at the NCMI, BCM

Steven Ludtke sludtke at bcm.edu
Thu Nov 19 10:58:29 PST 2009

The Ludtke lab at the National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (http://ncmi.bcm.edu), Baylor College of Medicine has two positions open.
One position for a postdoctoral research associate and another for a scientific programmer. Both positions will involve
development of novel algorithms for single particle reconstruction, macromolecular dynamics and single particle cryoET
within the EMAN2 software suite (http://blake.grid.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2). The postdoctoral position will have a more 
academic bias, and involve solving high-profile structures using data produced by the NCMI's extensive collaborations with prominent 
biochemists, molecular biologists and clinicians, in addition to testing and developing novel algorithms. There will also be opportunities 
for experimental work. The programming position will likely focus on 3-D GUI development, workflow strategies for new image processing
techniques, GPGPU algorithm development, and related tasks, depending on the skillset of the applicant.

Candidates for either position should have a strong background in mathematics, physics or engineering and have some level of programming
ability. Programming projects will involve Python and/or C++, though extensive experience in these languages is not a prerequisite. Any background
in image processing, Linux/Unix or electron microscopy would be a plus, but are also not required for the position.

The National Center for Macromolecular imaging is an NCRR sponsored P41 center dedicated to the advancement of cryo-EM technology, and its application
to important biological/medical problems. It is among the oldest P41 centers in existence, and has a wide range of unique experimental and
computational capabilities. We are equipped with 4, 200 & 300 keV electron microscopes, all with at least 4k CCD cameras, 3 with field emission guns, 
2 with in-column energy filters, and one with a newly-installed phase plate (one of the first such instruments in the world). We also have a range
of associated equipment for single particle and tomographic specimen preparation. Computationally, we are equipped with 4 in-house (2 shared) medium-scale
linux clusters, the newest of which also has GPGPU capabilities. The NCMI is a dynamic environment with ~30 researchers in the combined Chiu, Ludtke and
Schmid groups working on a wide range of scientific projects. The EMAN project was started by Dr. Ludtke ~10 years ago, and is now used by over
1000 users and worldwide and has over 600 citations.

Both positions are available immediately, and will remain until filled. Please contact Dr. Ludtke directly to apply for or ask questions about either
opportunity, sludtke at bcm.edu.


Steven Ludtke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Co-Director National Center For Macromolecular Imaging
Dept of Biochemistry and Mol. Biol.
Baylor College of Medicine
sludtke at bcm.edu
stevel at alumni.caltech.edu

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