[3dem] Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Cindi Schwartz Cindi.Schwartz at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jul 22 13:18:48 PDT 2009

Hi all!

We are looking into self-contained liquid nitrogen plants as possible  
equipment to purchase on a grant. They run somewhere around $100K. I  
was wondering if any of you make your own nitrogen.

Currently, we have it delivered in 160L dewars each week. We estimate  
current usage at 27,000L/year (but we expect that to increase to  
possibly 40,000L/year).  We've been told by the university that we can  
forget the idea of a large storage tank that some big rig fills up.  
So, it's either continuing to buy from the university piecemeal or  
make our own. My questions to you are: Do you have one? What's the  
manufacturer? How much did it cost? What kind of maintenance issues do  
you have? Has it been cost effective? Would you recommend your unit?


Cindi L. Schwartz
University of Colorado
Dept. MCDB
347 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309
O: 303-492-7980
F: 303-735-0770

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