[3dem] Fwd: NVidia 3D Currently a "No Go"

Matthias Wolf wolf at crystal.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 27 14:38:56 PST 2009

As a follow-up on my message about stereo 3D on chimera, I received word from Warren DeLano (the 
creator of PyMol) that the nvidia 3D vision bundle actually does NOT work with openGL apps on 
windows (see below).

I apologize if my post was interpreted as an endorsement of the nVidia 3D-vision bundle. However, I 
reconfirm that anaglyph (red/cyan) stereo works perfectly with chimera on vista and linux using 
nVidia (non-quadro) geForce cards.


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Subject: 	NVidia 3D Currently a "No Go"
Date: 	Tue, 27 Jan 2009 13:14:19 -0800
From: 	Warren DeLano <warren at delsci.com>
To: 	<wolf at crystal.harvard.edu>


Chris Waddling at UCSF forwarded  to me a message on 3DEM where you
suggested that the nVidia 3D Vision bundle would work for stereo 3D with
Chimera.  I am in possession of one of these bundles and can attest to
the fact that it does not currently work for anything other than
DirectX/3D-based software running under Vista.

Although the display can indeed connect to Linux & Windows XP-based
graphics cards, the new USB-based sync device does not, and existing
emitters and glasses will not work. Please see my post on CCP4bb:


So in summary, it seems that we are out of luck with Quadro /
OpenGL-based software for the time being, and we may be out of luck with
Linux and XP support for an even longer period of time depending on what
nVidia decides to do.

Given your post, it might make some sense to warn people not to buy that

Nevertheless, If you hear any reports of successful use of the bundle
with Chimera or other OpenGL 3D software, please let me know.



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