[3dem] is it possible to place vitrbo in biosafety Class II B cabinet?

Chipman, Paul R paulrc at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Mon Jan 12 05:53:04 PST 2009


Another thing to keep in mind is the interior height of the BSC vs the
height of the Vitrobot. Most BSCs have an interior height of 27" while
the height of our Vitrobot is ~34". Fume hoods usually have a greater
interior height. I think there are a couple BSCs that can be purchased
with an interior height just over 34" that might be sufficient. Anyone
have this set up?


Wanzhong He wrote:
> Dear all,
> Due to the limitted room size, it is difficult to fit both biosafety
> cabinet class II A and fume hood ( proposed for placing vitrobot) into
> our samll sample preparation room. So we are checking whether is
> possible to combine the the biosafety cabinet and fume hood as one?
> For example, using Biosafety cabinet class II B for placing the
> vitrobot. Will it be a safety issue using a little flammable ethane
> into the Biosafety cabinet class II B?
> Thanks in advance!
> Wanzhong
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