[3dem] Defective lot of SO-163 film

Esther Bullitt bullitt at medusa.bu.edu
Thu Jan 8 03:49:50 PST 2009

    Last night we encountered what appears to be defective Kodak
SO-163 electron image film, 3 1/4 x 4 inch, catalog #8010100.   

Those of you who use this film will know that when loading the film 
into cassettes, if the notch in the film is at the upper right-hand 
corner, then the emulsion side of the film is up.  

The suspected defective film has the emulsion side down with the 
notch at the upper right.

    In addition, normally these packets of film have a slight upward curl
(concave) with the emulsion side up and notch to the upper right.  This
potentially defective film has a downward curl (convex) with the notch to
the upper right.

    On the box of film which is a multipak of 250 sheets, the following
numbers are found on the label:

Emul No. 239 002 07

We do not know how widespread this problem is but we recommend that you
do not use film of this lot number until more information from Kodak 
is available.

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