[3dem] Flexible fitting program?

Ed Gogol gogole at umkc.edu
Mon Oct 20 12:38:06 PDT 2008

Anybody here successfully compile and run a normal-mode fitting program 
on a recent version of linux?  We've had a hell of a problem getting 
either Charlie Brooks' NMFF or Jose Navarro's UROX compiled and running 
here.  My colleague thinks it may be some incompatibility between the 
compilers in the relatively recent versions of linux that we happen to 
have here and the source code.  Any suggestions for either getting the 
programs to compile and run properly, or for another package that will 
perform a fairly simple flexible fitting of XRD structures to a 
moderate-resolution EM map?

Ed Gogol

School of Biological Sciences, UM-KC, 5007 Rockhill Rd., KC, MO 64110   

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