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William Rice rice at nysbc.org
Thu May 22 06:16:45 PDT 2008


Either SerialEM (http://bio3d.colorado.edu/SerialEM/) or Leginon 
(http://ami.scripps.edu/software/leginon/) will do what you want. We are 
using both on our Tecnai F20. Both are very well supported.


Eduardo Sanz-Garcia wrote:
> I was thinking on writing a script for a Tecnai F30 that would read a 
> text file that store the good spots inside a grid square, move to them, 
> and take a defocus pair.
> Before writing it, I thought it would be best to ask if someone has 
> already written something similar, and if this approach sounds reasonable.
> I use lacey carbon, therefore, spotscan, I believe, doesn't fit my needs.
> I also found that the focus level doesn't vary so much inside each grid 
> square so I do not need to refocus at every step.
> The idea is the following, for those familiar with the Technai F30:
>    1. Use Stage2 panel to store the good spots inside a grid square (in
>       Search mode)
>    2. Save the spots in a text file.
>    3. Start the script to read the locations.
>    4. Move to the first.
>    5. Go to Exposure mode.
>    6. Take a pair of pictures (different defocus).
>    7. Move to the next spot.
> Thank you very much
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