[3dem] connection problem

Xiao Chu Wu xiw138 at mail.usask.ca
Tue Mar 18 09:13:25 PDT 2008

Hello there,

We have a FEI Quanta 200 SEM with EDS from EDAX.

Currently we upgraded the software of SEM. After the upgrading, we have 
problem in using EDS. Every time we start EDS, it always shows 'failed 
to connect' in a small window with title 'stgctl32'. If we click 'OK' 
in this small window, another 'failed to connect' small window with 
title 'cmlclt32' opens. If click 'OK' again, the EDS program interface 
can be opened, but we can not get image or spectrum from SEM.

Do any one has this experience and how to solve this program.



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