[3dem] MSC 2008 - Reminder- Early bird registration April 18th

Isabelle Rouiller isabelle.rouiller at mcgill.ca
Wed Apr 9 20:01:32 PDT 2008

Dear all,


I would like to remind you that The 50th Microscopical Society of Canada
annual meeting which will be held at McGill University on May 20th to
May 23rd: 

The scientific program of this 4 day meeting features invited speakers
from the environmental sciences, biological sciences, material sciences,
and the fields of; electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, atomic
force microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy. The short courses will
focus on SEM, VP-SEM, Cryo-EM, confocal microscopy (spinning disk), TEM,
AFM, advanced specimen preparation, EBSD, quantitative EDS and image
analysis. Vendors and manufacturers will demonstrate the latest
developments in the microscopy field. 

I would however like to point out two particular events which may be of
particular interest to you on this email list: the 3DEM course (which
will cover the subject of cryo-em sample preparation as well as the
different methods used to retrieve three dimensional information from
the projection images collected in the electron microscope), as well as
symposium in 3DEM (cryo molecular and cellular three dimensional
electron microscopy and tomography). 


The 3DEM course and the other course proposed are a unique opportunity
for students to get trained from experts of the respective field about
the specific techniques (theoretical and practical courses are proposed)
at a very reasonable cost.  


For more information, please contact our web site:

http://conference2008.msc-smc.org <http://conference2008.msc-smc.org/> 

You will find all the information on the courses proposed as well as a
list of the invited speakers. 


Please note that the early bird registration dateline is April 18th. 

After April 18th, the registration prices will go slightly up.


Also, the paper submission dateline is posted on the Website as April
1st. However papers are still accepted. The chance to be selected for
talk is however reduced; but if done within the next week, there are
still possibilities. Papers submission for posters presentation will
remain open until April 20th.   


Most and for all, I would greatly appreciate if you could advertise the
meeting in your lab and department/institution by posting the poster


Thank you very much for your support.


In the hope to seeing you at the meeting,


Yours sincerely,




Isabelle Rouiller, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, McGill University

Dpt Anatomy and Cell Biology,

Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building, Room 115

3640 University Street

Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B2

Tel: 514-398-3244



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