[3dem] cryo-EM labs for hire?

Paul Chipman paulrc at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Mon Nov 26 11:56:44 PST 2007

Hi all,

Occasionally I get requests from researchers wishing to know what 
type of equipment they need to start performing cryo-EM/ET in their 
facility, what instruments I would recommend and lastly, if I could 
accommodate training their staff, either at our facility or if I 
could travel to their lab and offer training.  Offering advice on 
equipment is fairly straightforward and I consider it a form of 
"community service".  Training of individuals outside of my 
department or those not involved in some type of collaborative 
effort, is beyond what I'm able or willing to do.  In the last month 
I've had two groups that really need someone but I've not really had 
any good advice.  Workshops can offer some amount of training but the 
real learning occurs after some amount of "hands-on" practice coupled 
with feedback on the sample prep/images.  I have one former employee 
that is willing to work as a consultant in some instances.  He has 
never done this before and was wondering what type of rate he should 
charge.  Consulting in other fields varies based on supply/demand. 
Does anyone have any thoughts on an acceptable rate?  Does anyone 
know of a service that offers such training or similar services?

Paul Chipman

Paul Chipman
Director, Electron Microscopy Facility
Project Leader, Structural Virology EM Studies
Dept. of Biology, Purdue University
Lilly Hall, Rm. B216
Phone: 765-494-1487

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