[3DEM] Bsoft 1.4

Bernard Heymann bernard_heymann at nih.gov
Wed Sep 6 06:33:24 PDT 2006

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We are happy to announce that Bsoft 1.4 is available at:

This release of Bsoft is described in the following paper:
J. Bernard Heymann. David M. Belnap. 2006. Bsoft: Image processing  
and molecular modeling for electron microscopy. Journal of Structural  
Biology (in press).

The major new addition to Bsoft is the capability to align and  
reconstruct tomograms. More specifically, it was developed to handle  
low-dose cryo-EM tilt series using colloidal gold particles as  
fiducial markers. Many improvements have been made to the program  
bshow to deal with alignment based on fiducial markers.

Numerous other improvements have been made - let me know if there are  
questions about specific capabilities.

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