[3DEM] April 17-23 Workshop: "Innovations in Nanoscale Modeling and Imaging of Biological Systems"

Willy Wriggers willy.r.wriggers at uth.tmc.edu
Wed Jan 4 20:32:03 PST 2006

Dear colleagues,
We have teamed up with a number of collaborators to organize this 6-day 
training workshop April 17-23, 2006, in Houston
"Innovations in Nanoscale Modeling and Imaging of Biological Systems",
see http://situs.biomachina.org/hn06/

The major goal of this workshop is to train participants from the fields 
of electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction in the use of modeling, 
imaging, and visualization software, with an emphasis on interfaces with 
compatible software used in the structural biology community. A 
secondary goal is to foster an alliance with innovative leaders in the 
private sector and academia, so software developers can build on their 
strenghts in a compatible mode with other groups.

I am happy to confirm the following speakers:

    * Philip R. Baldwin, U.T. Houston Med. School
    * James Z. Chen, Brandeis U.
    * Yao Cong, Baylor College of Medicine
    * Edward H. Egelman, U. Virginia
    * Tetsuro Fujisawa, SPring-8 Synchrotron, RIKEN, Japan
    * Nikolaus Grigorieff, Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Brandeis U.
    * Masahide Kikkawa, UT Southwestern, Dallas
    * Steve Ludtke, Baylor College of Medicine
    * Essam Metwally, Tripos, Inc.
    * Pawel Penczek, U.T. Houston Med. School
    * John Stone, U. Illinois
    * Pam Thuman-Commike, QED Labs, Inc.
    * Willy Wriggers and lab members: Stefan Birmanns, JJ Heyd, Zhiyong
      Zhang, John M. Robinson, Julius Wan
    * Z. Hong Zhou, U.T. Houston Med. School

The workshop is free and we cover meals and lodging, which should make 
participation for out of town visitors affordable. If you would like to 
attend this, please submit the online application form early, the 
application deadline is February 15.
Kind regards,
Willy Wriggers



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