[3DEM] Engineer position in cryo-EM

Amélie LEFORESTIER leforestier at lps.u-psud.fr
Fri Apr 28 01:46:06 PDT 2006

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Dear members,

We are seeking an engineer in cryo-electron microscopy:
The candidate will be in charge of a 200 kV LaB6 electron microscope 
equipped with a cryo-specimen holder and a post-column energy filter 
(GIF). He/she will conduct cryo-TEM experiments in biology as well as in 
physics of complex systems (polymers, colloids, amphiphiles, …), from 
specimen preparation to interpretation and image analysis. He/she must 
possess good abilities to design new and delicate experiments.
Theoretical and practical background in transmission electron microscopy 
is required. Cryo-EM expertise will be appreciated.
The candidate will integrate a multidisciplinary team "Structure and 
function of condensed DNA" located at the Solid State Physics Laboratory 
of the Paris-Sud University (Orsay, France). The position could suit 
either a physicist or a biologist with strong motivation for 
Mastering of the English and French languages is required (the interview 
will be in French). Application deadline May 22.

Contact: Françoise Livolant
Livolant at lps.u-psud.fr <mailto:Livolant at lps.u-psud.fr>
Tel: 33 1 69 15 53 92
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