[3DEM] Protein Tomography (TM)

Pawel A Penczek Pawel.A.Penczek at uth.tmc.edu
Sat Dec 10 10:00:03 PST 2005

That's the first time I hear of what is in essence a scientific term 
being trademarked.  What about a legal counteraction?

Pawel Penczek.

Joachim Frank wrote:
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> Sidec Technologies, a company that Ulf Skoglund has helped start in 
> Sweden, has trademarked the term "Protein Tomography", according to an 
> article in "Genetic and Engineering News" (Vol. 25, no 19, Nov 1, 
> 2005).  This is a disturbing piece of news.  Will we one day not be able 
> to use "electron tomography", "single-particle reconstruction", "angular 
> refinenment" freely because of unreasonable claims of a startup company?
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