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Postdoctoral Positions
Electron tomography of intercellular junctions

Our laboratory is interested in the structural basis for cellular
adhesion, which is mediated by two types of intercellular junctions:
desmosomes and adherens junctions.  Although the molecular
constituents have been identified and some of their atomic structures
identified by x-ray crystallography, their organization in an intact
junction is largely unknown.  We are employing the technique of
electron tomography to study the structure of junctions in situ.  Our
first application has been on desmosomes, for which we have revealed
the packing of cadherin molecules within the intercellular space (see
He et al. Science 302:109 2003).  We seek motivated individuals to
expand these studies by studying the architecture of the intracellular
plaque as well as the architecture of the adherens junctions.  We
intend to image tissue preserved both in the frozen-hydrated state and
in plastic sections.  Available facilities include the Structural
Biology Program in the Skirball Institute at NYU School of Medicine as
well as the Cryoelectron Microscopy Facility at the New York
Structural Biology Center.  The latter is a new facility with
state-of-the-art ancillary equipment and a new Technai F20 microscope.
Delivery of two additional microscopes including a 300kV instrument
capable of liquid He temperatures and energy filtration is planned for
2005.  Qualifications include a Ph.D. degree with interest in the
structural biology of complex cellular assemblies.  Experience in cell
culture, electron microscopy and image processing is highly
desirable. Wages will be comparable to the NIH standard.  Interested
candidates with experience in the above methods should send c.v. and
names of three references to David Stokes at stokes at

David L. Stokes
Skirball Institute, NYU Medical Center
tel: 212-263-1580
New York Structural Biology Center
tel: 212-939-0660 x116
fax: 646-219-0300

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