[3DEM] help for start with single particle analysis -- about the book.

Joachim Frank joachim at wadsworth.org
Fri May 7 08:39:14 PDT 2004

For clarification of many inquiries I received, the manuscript of the 
revised, updated book is almost ready to go to Oxford University Press, so 
it might appear by the end of this year or next spring.  Academic Press has 
returned the copyright of the material to me, as they had no interest in a 
second edition.


At 08:45 AM 5/6/2004 -0500, Masahide Kikkawa wrote:
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>>  Could you recommended any good THECNICAL book?
>   Certainly  "Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular 
> assemblies" by Joachim Frank.
>   However, this book has been out of print for a while and hard to get 
> used ones. Are there any way to ask Academic Press to reprint, such as 
> petition by our 3DEM community? My students also want to buy the book.
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