[3DEM] Quantifoil hole sizes off?

Bob Grassucci bobg at wadsworth.org
Tue Feb 24 05:54:50 PST 2004

Hi Prabha,
         We have also run into this situation.  The hole sizes are usually 
consistent within a batch and the distance between holes is generally 
consistent.  I suspect that the problem comes from the amount of time the 
grids are treated to form the holes.  When we make holey grids this 
treatment is with acetone and if necessary heat to pop pseudo holes before 
floating off the holey plastic and then carbon coating the grids.  I am not 
certain, but I suspect there is probably a similar approach with the 
Quantafoil grids.  It is just a matter of quality control and timing.  If 
it is a problem I would contact the vendor directly and ask for a 
replacement batch of grids.  Good luck

At 05:44 PM 2/23/04 -0800, D. Prabha Dias, PhD wrote:
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>Hello all-
>  We've found that recent batches of Quantifoil grids have hole sizes that 
> are significantly larger than the specifications.  We're using 200 mesh 
> Cu/Rh grids with either R2/2 foil or R1.2/1.3 foil, carbon-coated at the 
> factory.  The most recent batch of R2/2 appears to have holes that are 
> approximately 2.7-2.8 microns in size, while the R1.2/1.3 foil appear to 
> actually have ~1.9 - 2.2 micron holes. Has anyone else had similar 
> experiences?  Thank you for your time & attention.
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